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What is the Sacrament of Confirmation?

On the human level, as on the Christian level, everything is not given at once.   After baptism, which is the sacrament of birth to Christian life, which makes being a Christian and adopted son, adopted daughter of God, confirmation, which is the sacrament of growth and spiritual maturity, makes us act as a Christian and confers a mission.  It makes us capable little by little of committing ourselves to the Lord.


To be confirmed is to be strengthened and strengthened to testify for Christ.   From the Latin confirmatio, “strengthening, strengthening”, confirmation brings down the gift of the Holy Spirit on an adolescent or an adult who asks the Church for it.   Confirmation is, for example, a mandatory prerequisite to be able to accept the mission of baptismal godfather or godmother or to marry religiously or take on a responsibility in the Church.   Indeed the strength of the Spirit is essential to commit oneself in the name of Christ.   An authentic Christian life needs all the gifts and charisms of the Spirit.

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